It’s been roughly over half a year since I started my own podcast show. There’s quite a lot that I’ve encountered through this project, so I decided to write something about it at this point.

Why I started and what the show is about?

At the end of last year, I started a podcast show called “Inside education and society”. The idea came from my education philosophy which believes that education is fundamental to our society and that they are strongly connected.

I’d love to share this perspective with people who also care about our would. As the project grew little by little, it also became a way to enrich my portfolio as an independent worker.

In the show, I talked to my guests from all over the world about their thoughts on this topic. By doing so, I hope to make the audience think differently and more diverse when it comes to education and society issues.

On the other hand, since my guests are from different countries and live in different cultures, the podcast also aims for bringing diversity to listeners.

How do I run the show?

The process of producing episodes is relatively simple compared to other shows. So far I’ve been inviting people around me in related fields as guests since it’s not so easy to have famous experts on the show at the beginning stage. I talk to them and see if there’s anything they’re working on or thoughts and experiences they have that suit the topic of the show.

After that, I’ll do my own research on these ideas to make out the interview outlines. Thanks to the nice and thoughtful guests that I’ve had, I’ve been able to manage this part quite effortlessly.

Of course, I have to edit the conversations to make them sound more smooth in the end and publish them to make more people know about them.

The difficulties

During the journey, I’ve encountered quite a lot of difficulties, especially as a podcast rookie.

First of all, my English sucks. It’s good enough in daily conversation but when it comes to formal interviews, I’m often not able to construct accurate sentences. This brings me more problems since I’m not doing the recording face-to-face, so it takes more time to edit.

Second, it’s difficult to find guests in related fields constantly. I mentioned that I’ve been looking for people around me most of the time, but that’s just not enough. Luckily, through the network of my guests, I’ve been able to reach out to more second or third-layer people.

Lastly, promotion is always considered an important work for podcasters. I’m not so-called a marketing expert but I tried some typical methods of spreading out my content. Especially for this kind of tough, solid topic, it’s even more difficult to reach the target audience.

The gains

Despite all the difficulties, I still learn a lot. Within the process, I got the opportunity to know various topics that I’ve never thought of digging deeper into.

Not only did I learnt about them, but I got to learn from the amazing thoughts and ideas of my guests. Through this experience, I believe that I myself start to think differently and more diverse, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve with the show.

Besides all these, I also appreciate all the people I’ve got to know, either my guests, people working with me (I’d like to take this chance here shouting out to Harry), and those potential guests who I’ve contacted but did not make out.

All of these make not only my podcast more attractive, but also make me a better person. I’ll definitely absorb these experiences and make them the nutrient of my future work.

What’s next?

So what am I planning next steps? For sure I’m going to keep running this show and try to produce more and more high-quality content. What can be expected is that I’ll try to invite more people with stronger professions and experiences in related fields, and share their works, ideas with my listeners.

Second, I’ll be putting a lot of effort into improving my interviewing skills. I’ve been told by some of my audience that they really liked the questions I asked the guests about. But sometimes I sound too “flat” and it doesn’t make people feel like keep listening. So it’s something that I’ll be working on.

Last but not least, is to promote the show further. No matter how great the content is, it’s nothing if there’s no listener. Although there’s a lot of know-how that I’m not familiar with, I’ll try still try my best and take it as a great learning opportunity.


I truly appreciate living in such a digital era that empowers people to access information and other people around the world. It makes me able to produce this podcast and have more people know about it. I’ll keep doing so.

If you find my show interested valuable, I now invite you to share it with people around you who might also be interested.

Also, please leave a comment or contact me at if you have any suggestions or guests recommendation.

You can find the Inside Education and Society podcast on the mainstream platform. I’ll provide the links below. See you guys on the show

The “Inside Education and Society” Podcast